WindmessstationWeather station

Professional wind measuring and recording station


Easy to install, professional wind monitoring and recording station in 10 or 15 m height with >12 months data-storage capacity.
An important criterion for checking the viabilaty of a small wind turbine is knowing the wind conditions at the site where the wind turbine will be installed. A reliable way of doing this is by using a speacial weather station to monitor and record the wind data on site. This should be done over a period of (at least) three to six months in order to gather data.
The Wind-Profi is a complete measuring and recording station with a light 10 m or 15 m aluminium mast that can be easily assembled and errected. A concrete foundation is not necessary.

The Wind-Profi monitors wind direction, wind speed and air temperatur continuously and records the values at one minute intervals.
The data is recorded onto a normal memory card with a >12 month capacity. The memory card can be removed from the recorder at any time. After inserting the memory card into your computer (card reader also supplied) the wind data can get analysed and displayed easily using the supplied report-file. The battery powered recorder is mounted directly on the mast and connected to the wind sensors by a cable for reliable  data-recording.

The Wind-Profi wind station is available in two heights:

Model:                      Mast height:               Installation:                  Price1:            

Wind-Profi 10           10 meters                     guyed 6 times               980,- Euro

Wind-Profi 15           15 meters                     guyed 9 times             1090,- Euro 
Components supplied:
Light aluminum mast, galvanised steel guy lines and anchorage pegs, wind sensor, data logger with memory card + batteries, card reader, report file for analysis and display of results on a PC.

1 net prices, excluding transportation costs, valid from 01.01.2014