Kleinwindkraftanlage Small wind turbine

EN-Drive small wind turbine

The EN-Drive 2000 small-wind turbines are highly efficient and compact. The turbines produce enviromentally friendls electricity or can directly drive specific devices.

  • internationally patent-protected designs
  • state of teh art, CE-conforming technology
  • designed in accordance with DIN EN 61400-2 standard
  • grid-connection with VDE-AR-N 4105
  • Made in Gemany product-quality
  • Measured noise-emission (certified) according to DIN EN 61400-11 and german standard TA-Lärm by licensed measuring authority (§§ 26,028 BImSchG) Result: very quiet < 45 dbA at a distance of 22 m


Who is it for?

  • Farms, argricultural premises, bio-gas plant
  • Owners of households and blocks of flats, etc
  • industrial and manufactoring companies
  • Small businesses, service suppliers



The mechanical power is transmitted by a drive shaft to the base of the mast where different devices can be driven:

  • electricity generation - house/grid tie
  • excess electricity gets fed into the grid (depending on local regulations / feed in tariffs)
  • heating using an electric heat pump / electric boiler
  • customer-specific application (eg. direct drive of a water pump, air compressor, etc.)

Intelligent micro-processor control system
The micro-processor control system monitors and controls the whole system in order to reliably achieve maximum efficiency of all devices under all wind conditions. Monitoring is possible.

Modular system
available in different sizes (mast height and rotor diameter) and performance classes. High quality transmission and gearbox components  ensure reliability and endurance.

Strong monocoque design
the mast and lower-housing are built as one piece which is delivered as a fast to install construction at the customer's premises. The transport can be carried out by a standard sized truck.

Problem-free mounting and erecting

An accessory hydraulic lifting system gets fitted to raise the mast into the upright position before securing the mast securely to the foundation.


Turbine Types EN-Drive 2000.2 series:

Type Economy:

Power: 5 / 10 kW

Hub Height: 11,50 - 14,00 m

Total Height: 15,10 - 18,50 m

Rotor Diameter: 7,10 / 8,50 m

Colour: galvanized


Type Power:

Power: 10 / 12 / 15 kW

Hub Height: 14,50 - 18,00 m

Total Height: 18,75 - 22,25 m

Rotor Diameter: 7,10 / 8,50 m

Colour: coated (white green)



Wind-powered heat pump: low-cost, CO2-free heating system.*



100% heating energy from the environment: the EN-Drive WE3-2000  wind turbine with directly driven heat pump.


*Product is in development (2014)