Unsere TechnologieOur Technology

Our core technologies are:

  • Small wind turbines   
  • Heat pumps with alternative drives   
  • Combined heat and power (CHP)

Our products are highly engineered and set new standards of efficiency. Careful production and quality control is carried out in Germany. The high efficiency, user friendliness and reliability of our products will remind our customers of this. These qualities are the sign of a good investment.


We focus our effort on developing innovative, alternative drive technologies for heating & decentral powergenerating systems for homes & small businesses, etc. This leads to a significant increases in energy efficiency. Our multifunctional small wind turbine EN-Drive is available in different versions and sizes depending on whether heat or electrical power, or both, are required by our customers. The cogenerator system EN-Power also provides decentral heat and power.

The electricity produced by these products can either be used privately or fed into the main power supply in return for a fee (depending on local regulations).

Ecconomic & ecological heat pump technology is at the heat of our innovative heating systems. Heat pumps are devices which use a small amount of input energy to win a larger amount of heat energy from the environment. A heat pump is a very efficient cost effecttive type of heating system, particularly when the heat pump´s input power comes from a renewable energy source, eg. wind turbine etc.


Heat pumps win environmental heat with only a small amount of drive energy


The "heat pumping" concept: enviromental heat is won by the heat pump and rassed to a leavel suitable for heating & hot water production.