WärmepumpeHeat pump


EN-MAXX Novel gas and diesel-driven heat pump technology

The engine-driven heat pump system with a built-in hot water tank

Who is it for?

  • Owners of households and blocks of flats, etc
  • Housing associations
  • Holiday homes or remote properties without power supplies
  • Small businesses and agricultural premises, etc.


The EN-Maxx heat pump system require only a little input energy (eg. gas or diesel) in order to extract large amounts of heat from the environment. The heat pump is directly driven by a specially modified gas or diesel engine whose heat is stored in a hot water tank (up to approx. 95°C) to be used for as hot water for bathing, washing, etc.
The environmental heat (heat sources: ground or air) which is won by the heat pump is stored in another hot water tank (up to approx. 55°C) to be used for heating.

  • The heat pumps in the EN-Maxx range are directs driven by an engine, as opposed to traditional heat pumps which are powered by electric motor. This provides a much higher efficiency & also heat upto 95° even in the coldest weather!
  • Up to 2,5 times higher efficiency compared with conventional gas or oil fired heating systems.
  • The EN-Maxx heat pump systems are compact and versatile. With a heat production capacity of up to 25 kW.


Product is in development