Mini BlockheizkraftwerkCogeneration CHP


Modern combined heat and power (CHP) system

Gas or diesel engine-driven cogeneration system with a built-in hot water tank, for heating & decentral power generation at your home or small business.

Who is it for?

  • Owners of households and blocks of flats, etc
  • Housing associations
  • Holiday homes or remote properties without power supplies
  • Small businesses and agricultural premises, etc

How it works / what it does:

The EN-Power cogeneration system operates particularly efficiently and flexibly. The incorperated hot water storage and ability to store the generated electricity in a battery pack allow the stored heat and power to be used as and when necessary. This concept sets new standards for flexible decentralized heat and power generation. It is also suitable for isolated use such as in a remote holiday home, etc.

  • 230 V / 3 kW electrical power and 10,5 kW heating power
  • Additional 48 V low voltage power sytem
  • Environmentally friendly, decentral use of heating-oil or gas
  • Provides for heating and hot water 

Product is in development.